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DC / DC Power Supplies

This section contains a list of the most widely-used products from Artesyn’s DC/DC power supply range. Scroll below to see the parts that we work with the most! If you’re looking for AC/DC power supply products, click here instead!

DC / DC Power Supplies

Industrial DC-DC (AYA, ATA, AXA, ASA, AEE, AET series)
Industrial Standard Telecom Bricks (ALD, AVD, AVO, ADO, ADQ, AGQ, AVQ, AVE, ADH, AGF series)
High Voltage DC-DC Modules (AIF, AIH, AIQ, ERM series)

High Voltage Full-Brick DC-DC Converters

Eighth-Brick Isolated DC-DC Converters

Quarter-Brick Isolated DC-DC Converters

Digital DC-DC Converters (LGA, ADO, ADQ, BDQ, BCQ series)

Digital Non-Isolated DC-DC

Non-Isolated POL (LDO, LGA, SMT, SIL, PTH series)

C-Class Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters

General-Purpose POLA Converters

PFC Board Mount Modules (AIF, AIT, AIQ series)

Full Brick PFC Modules

Quarter Brick PFC Modules

Railway DC-DC Modules (ERM series)

ERM10 Railway DC-DC Series

ERM20 Railway DC-DC Series

ERM50 Low input range Series

ERM50 High input range Series

ERM75 High input range Series

ERM75 Low input range Series

Medical DC-DC Converters (ASA, AEE series)

ASA 6W - Medical Series

AEE 10W - Medical Series

AEE 15 Watt Medical Series

AEE 20 Watt Medical Series

DC-In version of AC Power Supplies (CSU/DC, DS/DC, NLP/DC series)